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LanguedocLanguedocrechercher ce terme

Languedoc is a former province of France in Midi-Pyrénées, the capital city is Toulouse. Part of Occitania. The center of Cathar religion.

Voir aussi: Occitania

Synonymes: Лангедок

LombrivesLombrivesrechercher ce terme

Caves near Montsegur where Otto Rahn spent a lot of time searching for the Grail traces.

Voir aussi: Fontanet, Ornolac

Synonymes: Ломбрив

Luca Leonello RimbottiLuca Leonello Rimbottirechercher ce terme

Synonymes: Rimbotti

LuciferLuciferrechercher ce terme

The Light Bringer. Otto Rahn understood him (according to Catharism) as the liberator from the Jewish God.

Synonymes: Luzifer, Люцифер