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CatharsCatharsrechercher ce terme

Catharism (from Greek: καθαρὀς, katharos, pure), a name of Christian religion in the Languedoc region of France and other parts of Europe in the XI-XIII centuries. The Paulicians of Armenia and the Bogomils of Bulgaria can be also called Cathars. Self-identification term Good Men (Bons Hommes) or Good Christians. Also known as Albigensians.

Synonymes: Cathar, Cathari, Катар

Christian BernadacChristian Bernadacrechercher ce terme

French journalist (1937-2003), the author of Le Mystère Otto Rahn - Du catharisme au nazisme (Le Graal et Montségur)

Synonymes: Bernadac, Бернадак

Christopher JonesChristopher Jonesrechercher ce terme

The author of the first translation of Crusade against the Grail into English

Constantin von HoffmeisterConstantin von Hoffmeisterrechercher ce terme

Born 1976. A right-wing German nationalist, promoter of the pan-European nationalism, National Futurism idea of White Eurasia

Synonymes: Хофмейстер

CouquetCouquetrechercher ce terme

Madam Couquet. In the hotel of her in Montsegur Otto had lodged back in 1929

Synonymes: Мадам Куке

Craig SmithCraig Smithrechercher ce terme

The British novelist, the author of The Blood Lance with the Otto Rahn's death as one of the basis for the storyline.

Voir aussi: Blood Lance

Crystal SkullCrystal Skullrechercher ce terme

Synonymes: Calavera de cristal, Crâne de cristal, Kristallschädel, Teschio di Cristallo, Хрустальный череп

CybeleCybelerechercher ce terme

Synonymes: Kubaba, Кибел