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reincarnationreincarnationsearch for term
Rene NelliRene Nellisearch for term

Renat Nelli (1896 - 1982). The translator of Otto Rahn in France. Founder of the Center for Cathar Studies (Centre d’etudes Cathare) in Carcassonne. One of the major authors of the 20th century in Occitania.

Sinonimi: Renat Nelli, René Nelli, Нелли

Rennes-le-ChâteauRennes-le-Châteausearch for term

Small village in Occitania, the center of various conspiracy theories concerning the Grail, Cathars, the Templars.

See also: Sauniere

Sinonimi: Rennes le Château, Rennes-le-Chateau, Ренн-ле-Шато

RescanièresRescanièressearch for term

Joseph Rescanières (1878-1915), priest of the church of Rennes-les-Bains (1914-1915), the Rennes-le-Château neighbouring parish.

See also: Boudet

Sinonimi: Rescanière, Rescanieres

Richard StanleyRichard Stanleysearch for term

The author of The Secret Glory film about Otto Rahn.

See also: The Secret Glory

Sinonimi: Stanley, Стэнли

Rico GongoraRico Gongorasearch for term

Sinonimi: Gongora

Rudolf RahnRudolf Rahnsearch for term

(13.03.1900 - 07.01.1975) The German Ambassador to Italy. The man, who is considered being Otto Rahn after 'death' in 1939 by some authors.
The Otto Rahn's brother name was also Rudolf.

Sinonimi: Rudolph Rahn, Рудольф Ран