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HabduHabdusearch for term

More than 2meters-tall Somali (from some sources - Senegalese) man, former bartender, who accompanied Otto as a bodyguard in France and even saved his life in the grotto of Fontanet

Sinonimi: Габду, Хабду

Hans-Jurgen LangeHans-Jurgen Langesearch for term

German author and researcher of the Nazi occult doctrine. Books: Otto Rahn und die Suche nach dem Gral, Das Licht der Schwarzen Sonne. Himmlers Rasputin und seine Erben

Sinonimi: Lange, Ланге, Лангэ

Heinrich HimmlerHeinrich Himmlersearch for term

Sinonimi: Himmler, Гимлер, Гиммлер

Howard BuechnerHoward Buechnersearch for term

Colonel of the United States Army, medical officer. Author of Emerald Cup Ark of Gold: Quest of Ss Lieutenant Otto Rahn