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Raiders of the Lost Grail

... and a 7ft-tall Somali bartender-turned-bodyguard named Habdu , who saved Otto’s life after they became trapped by rising flood ... Deodat Roche, Edda, Esclarmonde, Fontanet, Frise, Grail, Habdu, Hans-Jurgen Lange, Heinrich Himmler, Iceland, Investigation, Julius ...

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Lachrymae, Chapter IV: The Final Chapter

... Staff included the seven foot tall Somali barman, Habdu , who was later to become Otto's bodyguard and closest friend, ... Dénarnaud, Deodat Roche, Esclarmonde, Fontanet, Grail, Habdu, Heinrich Himmler, Iceland, Investigation, Karl Wolff, Languedoc, ...

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