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Mario BaudinoMario Baudinosearch for term

Italian journalist, poet (1952)

Sinonimi: Baudino, Баудино

Maurice MagreMaurice Magresearch for term

1877-1941. Poet, a historian of the Pyrenees. Books 'The Treasure of the Albigensians' and 'The Blood of Toulouse'

Sinonimi: Морис Магр

MichelstadtMichelstadtsearch for term

The native town of Otto Rahn. Situated in the Odenwaldkreis (district) in southern Hesse, Germany between Darmstadt and Heidelberg. Coordinates: 49.6786°N 9.0039°E

Sinonimi: Михельштадт

MontsalvacheMontsalvachesearch for term

The Grail Castle of Eschenbach's Parzival. Otto believed it was the Castle of Montsegur.

Sinonimi: Montsalvat, Munsalvaesche

MontsegurMontsegursearch for term

Sinonimi: Montségur, Монсегюр

Montserrat AbbeyMontserrat Abbeysearch for term