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WandervogelWandervogelпоиск термина


См. также: Nerother Bund

Werner HuemerWerner Huemerпоиск термина

1962, the Chief Redactor of "GralsWelt – Zeitschrift für ganzheitliches Denken und fördernde Lebenswege"

Синонимы: Вернер Гуемер

WewelsburgWewelsburgпоиск термина

a castle located in the North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, in the village of Wewelsburg (1609). The main office of SS Orden. Also known as SS Grail Castle because of the specially arranged place for the Grail

Синонимы: Вевельсбург

White LieWhite Lieпоиск термина

Book by Jeanne D'Aout with Otto Rahn as one of the main characters

См. также: Jeanne D'Août

Синонимы: Белая ложь

Winckler-DechendWinckler-Dechendпоиск термина

Gabriele Winckler-Dechend (1908-?), a secretary of Karl Maria Wiligut during his SS service. She was the first who read the Rahn's book and showed it to Wiligut. She was a good friend of Otto, Rahn was a godfather of her son (1939). Nee Dechend, married in 1937.

Синонимы: Winkler-Dechend, Винклер-Дешенд

Wolfram von EschenbachWolfram von Eschenbachпоиск термина

Wolfram von Eschenbach (c. 1170 – c. 1220), German knight and poet, one of the greatest epic poets of his time, the author of Parsifal

См. также: Parsival

Синонимы: Eschenbach, Wolfram