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OccitaniaOccitaniaпоиск термина

Also: lo País d'Òc, the Oc Country. The region in southern Europe (the southern half of France, Monaco, small part of Italy and Spain) where Occitan was historically the main language spoken.

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Синонимы: Окситания

OelbermannOelbermannпоиск термина

Robert Oelbermann (24.4.1896-29.3.1941). Founder of Nerother Bund, perhaps he was the prisoner of Dachau with whom Otto was accused of fraternizing during his time there (circa 1937). Died in Dachau. On the photo at right
Karl Oelbermann (24.4.1896-9.10.1974), otherwise known as 'King Oelb'. Twin brother of Robert Oelbermann. Initiator(?) for Otto Rahn Monument building in Hunsrück (1964), leader of Nerother Bund. On the photo at left

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OrnolacOrnolacпоиск термина

Caves near Montsegur where Otto Rahn spent a lot of time searching for the Grail traces.

См. также: Lombrives

Синонимы: Орнольяк

Otto SkorzenyOtto Skorzenyпоиск термина

(12.6.1908 – 5.7.1975) SS-Obersturmbannführer in the Waffen-SS.

Синонимы: Skorzeny, Скорцени