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CatharsCatharsпоиск термина

Catharism (from Greek: καθαρὀς, katharos, pure), a name of Christian religion in the Languedoc region of France and other parts of Europe in the XI-XIII centuries. The Paulicians of Armenia and the Bogomils of Bulgaria can be also called Cathars. Self-identification term Good Men (Bons Hommes) or Good Christians. Also known as Albigensians.

Синонимы: Cathar, Cathari, Катар

Christian BernadacChristian Bernadacпоиск термина

French journalist (1937-2003), the author of Le Mystère Otto Rahn - Du catharisme au nazisme (Le Graal et Montségur)

Синонимы: Bernadac, Бернадак

Christopher JonesChristopher Jonesпоиск термина

The author of the first translation of Crusade against the Grail into English

Constantin von HoffmeisterConstantin von Hoffmeisterпоиск термина

Born 1976. A right-wing German nationalist, promoter of the pan-European nationalism, National Futurism idea of White Eurasia

Синонимы: Хофмейстер

CouquetCouquetпоиск термина

Madam Couquet. In the hotel of her in Montsegur Otto had lodged back in 1929

Синонимы: Мадам Куке

Craig SmithCraig Smithпоиск термина

The British novelist, the author of The Blood Lance with the Otto Rahn's death as one of the basis for the storyline.

См. также: Blood Lance

Crystal SkullCrystal Skullпоиск термина

Синонимы: Calavera de cristal, Crâne de cristal, Kristallschädel, Teschio di Cristallo, Хрустальный череп

CybeleCybeleпоиск термина

Синонимы: Kubaba, Кибел