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Otto Rahn's Crusade Against the Grail

William Henry talks to Christopher Jones , who has translated one of the legendary ?hidden? books ... (Berlin Noir, Blood Lance, Cathars, Christopher Jones, Craig Smith, Daniel McNeil, Grail, Indiana Jones, ...

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RELIGION: The Cathars and Otto Rahn

... Ed Jajko says:_I would be most interested if Christopher Jones could cite his authorities for the Cathar ... RH: Yes, a few precise sources. Ed Jajko asked Christopher Jones to give sources for his statements about the Cathars. ...

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A review of Otto Rahn’s Lucifer’s Court by John J. Reilly

... from German into English for the first time by Christopher Jones . These editions include acknowledgements of support and ... (Ahnenerbe, Articles, Cathars, Christopher Jones, Edda, Grail, Heinrich Himmler, Iceland, Indiana Jones, ...

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English translator's foreword to Crusade Against the Grail

... would never have succeeded. About the translator CHRISTOPHER JONES Christopher Jones is a historical scholar, translator, editor, and ... (André Douzet, Antonio Gadal, Articles, Cathars, Christopher Jones, Edda, Frise, Grail, Heinrich Himmler, Iceland, ...

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