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ParsivalParsivalsearch for term

Major medieval German romance by the Wolfram von Eschenbach, in the Middle High German language. Commonly dated to the first quarter of the 13th century. The basis on which Otto Rahn began his quest for Grail.

See also: Wolfram von Eschenbach

Synonyms: Parsifal, Parzifal, Parzival, Парсифаль

Paul LadamePaul Ladamesearch for term

Professor Paul Alexis Ladame (1900-2000), journalist, radio man and former lecturer at Geneva University on the “methodology of information and disinformation”. Friend of Otto Rahn.

Synonyms: Ladame, Ладам

Philip CoppensPhilip Coppenssearch for term

Author and investigative journalist, has written a lot about Cathars history and Otto Rahn

Synonyms: Coppens, Filip Coppens, Коппенс

Philip KerrPhilip Kerrsearch for term

British author, born 22.2.1956 in Edinburgh, the author of 'Berlin Noir' in which Otto Rahn shown as a criminal.

See also: Berlin Noir

Synonyms: Филип Керр

PolairesPolairessearch for term

Secret society of esotericists

Priory of SionPriory of Sionsearch for term

Secret society which has a history starting in XI century including Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton as Masters, the Templars. It is usually a common part of different conspiracy theories. Some authors says Otto Rahn was sponsored by them in his early searchings in France.

Synonyms: Prieuré de Sion, Priorato de Sion, Приорат Сиона

Pujol-MuratPujol-Muratsearch for term

Countess Miriam de Pujol-Murat. Believed herself to be the direct descendent, or even the reincarnation of Esclarmonde de Foix