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One of Otto Rahn's Grail lakes

Devil's Lake

La vraie langue celtique et le Cromleck de Rennes-les-Bains.

The treasure of Volkes tectosages.
A Roman proconsul of the name of Cæpion took from a votive lake 80 tons of gold and money and immediately re-melted this into ingots. This apparantly disappeared during its transport towards the port of Narbonne following an attack from Volkes tectosages upset by this profanation of their sacred offerings. They would have then withdrawn to the high valley of the Aude and would have hidden the treasure in this area which is easy to defend.

Boudet speaks directly of the Volkes Tectosages, who became Galatian after Brennus, the Celtic Raven God, took the treasures of Delphi and brought them to Tolosa (Toulouse)[Strabo]. The treasure was cursed and so they threw them into a lake.

This one is on the foto: One of Otto Rahn's Grail lakes. Don't bother looking for treasure in there because it's long gone.

The Volkes tectosages where the First Gauls or Alpha Galates.

Cromlech is a Brythonic word (Breton/Welsh) used to describe prehistoric megalithic structures, where crom means "bent" and llech means "flagstone". The term is now virtually obsolete in archæology, but remains in use as a colloquial term for two different types of megalithic monument.

In English it usually refers to dolmens, the remains of prehistoric stone chamber tombs. However, it is widely used in French to describe stone circles. Confusingly, some English-speaking archæologists, such as Aubrey Burl, use this second meaning for cromlech in English too.

In addition, the term is occasionally used to describe more complex examples of megalithic architecture, such as the Almendres Cromlech in Portugal.

PAX (681 in Gematria) 681 by the cross (rood)

A square 681 rood by 681 rood has a diagonal that is 3 miles long (error = 0.06%). 3 miles is one League named after Lugh the Celtic Sun God.

The distance between the church near the salt water spa at Rennes les Bains and the mountain top observatory of Rennes le Chateau is one league. Here you'll find La Tour d'Alchemie and it's eight wedge shaped holes designed to look upwards.

How much more in-your-face can this get?

The lake is called Etang du Truites (a corruption of Druides or maybe the other way around). The lake (pond) contains no trout and never has done it does however contain a rare Golden Salamander. Another pond nearby is called Etang du Diable both are between Soularac (Solar Rock) and Montsegur. The Trac des Grailles goes past them.

Here is Soularac in the distance:

You are looking down the Beltane/Samhain line. This is 72 degrees and is parallel with the St Michael Ley line that runs through Glastonbury.

Sauniere said the word SECRET on the Feast of St Michael. Most conical mounds in Europe have a church on them dedicated to St Michael an Arch Angel.

There's a hollow sound under the dolman at Peyrolles, so say the villagers. Peyro is Occitan for stone. There is a document which states that one of the first pieces of land bought by the original knights templar after their initial return from Outremer was the area around Peyrolles.

There is something in the centre of Henry Lincoln's pentacle of mountains. He just wrongly used the more recent sites.