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Lexicon beginning with D


DachauDachausearch for term

Concentration Camp in which Otto Rahn served three months for "disciplinary reasons" (Sep-Dec 1937)

Ver también: Buchenwald, Oelbermann

Sinónimos: Дахау

Daniel McNeilDaniel McNeilsearch for term

Author of fiction book The Judas Apocalypse

Ver también: Judas Apocalypse

Sinónimos: McNeil, Макнейл

DénarnaudDénarnaudsearch for term

Marie Dénarnaud (1868-1953), Saunière’s housekeeper, secretary and confidant for 21 years. We know Otto Rahn visited her.

Ver también: Sauniere

Sinónimos: Denarnaud

Deodat RocheDeodat Rochesearch for term

(1877-1978), the historian of Catharism

Sinónimos: Roche, Roché, Роше

Desecrated AbbeyDesecrated Abbeysearch for term
Devil's PondDevil's Pondsearch for term
DuginDuginsearch for term

Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin (Александр Дугин), born 7 January 1962, a politologist and one of the most popular ideologists of Russian expansionism, nationalism, and fascism

Sinónimos: Дугин