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Otto Rahn Biography

... Caussou, an old Ariegois who told Rahn the legend of Esclarmonde (literally `light of crystal') de Foix (Repanse de Joie in ... by Cathar Parfaits. The handover complete,  Esclarmonde transformed herself into a dove and flew off towards the East. ...

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A review of Otto Rahn’s study of Grail lore by John J. Reilly

... the sky and split the Tabor [the local peak] in two. Esclarmonde , the keeper of the Grail, threw the precious relic into the ... (Antonio Gadal, Articles, Cathars, Esclarmonde, Grail, Heinrich Himmler, Investigation, John J. Reilly, Languedoc, ...

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Otto Rahn: author, poet, Grail seeker, SS officer

... but who was claimed to be the incarnation of Esclarmonde de Foix, one of the last Cathar heretics that had taken refuge ... In this circle was also Arthur Caussou, who told Rahn that Esclarmonde de Foix had been none other than the character Repanse de Joie, the ...

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The wooden book of Montségur

... The countess herself claimed to be a descendent of Esclarmonde de Foix, who was seen (though historically inaccurately) as one ... – the Grail, which supposedly was hidden there by Esclarmonde just before she threw herself off the mountain to escape from the ...

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Отто Ран и поиски Святого Грааля

... кроме Эсклармонды де Фуа ( Esclarmonde de Foix). Когда она увидела, что Грааль ... (Ahnenerbe, Articles, Dachau, Dugin, Esclarmonde, Grail, Hans-Jurgen Lange, Heinrich Himmler, Iceland, ...

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Lachrymae, Chapter IV: The Final Chapter

... ", according to Magre and the mesmerisingly beautiful Esclarmonde d'Alion , also known as "Esclarmonde the Bastard", swordsmistress of the south, who fought beside her ...

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Еhe church's war on the cathars

... a white dove which, with its beak, split Tabor in two. Esclarmonde , who was keeper of the Grail, threw the sacred jewel into the ... the Stake... All of the Pures perished on the pyre, except Esclarmonde de Foix. When she knew the Grail to be safe, she climbed to the ...

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Отто Ран и Пиренейский Грааль

... кроме Эсклармонды де Фуа ( Esclarmonde de Foix). Когда она увидела, что Грааль ... (Antonio Gadal, Articles, Cathars, Cybele, Esclarmonde, Fontanet, Grail, Habdu, Hans-Jurgen Lange, Heinrich Himmler, ...

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