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A review of Otto Rahn’s Lucifer’s Court by John J. Reilly

... to connect this shabby country with the world of the Edda s, Elder or Younger.  Rahn does manage to do some hiking, ... the wolf in yet another act of revenge. As it says in the Edda, Baldr returned and announced to mankind the divine mystery of the earth ...

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В поисках утраченного Грааля

... Christian Bernadac, Couquet, Cybele, Dachau, Deodat Roche, Edda, Fontanet, Grail, Habdu, Hans-Jurgen Lange, Heinrich Himmler, Iceland, ...

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Otto Rahn Biography

... Snorri Sturlusson, the Nordic Homer and author of the Edda .  The Court of Lucifer is an expedition through the "garden ... of Snorri Sturlusson, the Nordic Homer, author of the Edda. He searched for evidence of Hyperborea.  In 1937 he was sent ...

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