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Monument to Rahn in Burg Waldeck (Hunsrück). Rahn and Wandervogel

... a round stone bank in the courtyard of the seat of the Nerother Bund , a deeply conservative branch of the German youth movement ... as their major festival.   The badge of the Nerother Bund - the conservative branch of the 'Wandervogel' referenced below. ...

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Raiders of the Lost Grail

... ritual murder. In 1964, an organisation known as the Nerother Bund , an offshoot of the German ramblers’ association, the ... Magre, Michelstadt, Montsalvache, Montsegur, Nacism, Nerother Bund, Parsival, Paul Ladame, Philip Kerr, Polaires, Pujol-Murat, ...

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