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Altar chamber, Cave of Fontanet, photo by Otto Rahn

... fontanet_rahn_black_and_white.jpg Original ... It gives us a look on the Altar Chamber of the Fontanet Grotto that was mentioned in the book of Otto. It is the site ...

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Lachrymae, Chapter IV: The Final Chapter

... swept away by the rising floodwaters in the grotto of Fontanet , identified by its phreatic source as Wolfram von Eschenbach's ... France, Otto excavated the caverns of Ornolac , Fontanet and the Lombrives and amidst the blackened bones he is said to have ...

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Raiders of the Lost Grail

... became trapped by rising flood waters in the grotto of Fontanet, a location of particular significance to Rahn’s ongoing research. ... really found in those caves, and entry to the Grotto of Fontanet remains barred to this day by a locked gate. Gadal himself is hardly ...

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Miscellaneous photos concerning Otto Rahn

... Altar chamber, Cave of Fontanet, photo by Otto Rahn ...

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