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About the autotagging site engine

This website is made on the basis of the unique autotagging engine. Any content can be automatically classified by arbitrary number of vocabularies  that makes it possible to range any materials for better understanding  and research.  Any quantity of key words can be predefined, they can be crosslinked in different ways.

This engine is useful for those who need a website like Wikipedia but want to make it automatically like this site do. You are also free to let your users add posts themselves and they will be tagged with the engine to form accurately arranged and crosslinked categories and subcategories.

Any key word can be supplied with synonyms, descriptions, images and translations. The system is teachable to determine your keywords even through misprints, plurals, transliterations or cases (for languages with cases like German, Russian, Latin etc). You can see it on this multilanguage site.

If you are interested in the autotagging CMS engine you should contact< the webmaster.

The site design is fully customizable.