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White Lie by Jeanne D'Aout

White Lie by Jeanne D'Aout

The Secret of Otto Rahn - Relic Hunter

The nineteen thirties, Nazi Germany. Organisations like the Nordische Gesellschaft and the Thule Gesellschaft were researching the origin of the Germanic people, the Arian race. Obsessed with the ancient cultures which connected their ancestors, they searched all corners of the earth trying to find relics and remains of these old civilizations. Relic hunter Otto Rahn seached for the Grail treasure. Here, in Occitania.

Rahn visited Occitania many times and stayed for months at the time during 1929 - 1932. In '32 he leased a hotel called 'Les Maronniers' in Ussat-les-Bains. On the photo we see him entertaining his mother in the garden of the hotel. He is wearing a sweater which his mum nitted for him, showing the symbol of the Thule Gesell-schaft of which he was a member. When the hotel went bankrupt, he had to leave France.

In 1933 he published his first book: 'Crusade against the Grail' and became famous in Germany. After 1933, however, his life is full of enigmas and speculation. He entered the dark world of the Nazi's. However, he joined the SS only to be able to continue his research on a monthly income. But where did he go? What did he do? Why did he climb in rank so fast? Did he actually find something of value in the mountains of Occitania? One thing is certain. There is something fishy about his death in 1939 in the mountains in Tirol...

After exploring the mystery of Rennes-le-Château and the life and times of Otto Rahn, author Jeanne D'Août wrote the exciting thriller; 'White Lie'. Although this book is fictional, there is a lot of history and truth in this story.


White Lie by Jeanne D'Aout<
Follow the trail of the Knights Templar and discover the biggest secret of the western world...! Thriller by Jeanne D'Août.

They do exist. Secret underground laboratories where previously unemployed professors work on secret inventions for unknown employers. In Switzerland, Professor William Fairfax succeeded in creating a stable wormhole through which people could travel through time. Without realising the consequences of their adventure, Dr. Danielle Parker and Dr. Gabby Standford are sent back to the first century, where they discover the amazing story of Oshu, the real Jesus. This incredible adventure, however, results in the kidnapping of Danielle. For Danielle's freedom, the kidnapper demands one of the most intriguing historical artefacts known to the world: The Ark of the Covenant.
Without the knowledge of the professor, a mysterious researcher was brought from his time to the present to assist the team: SS-Obersturmführer Otto Rahn.

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Author Jeanne D'Août with Richard Stanley (Otto Rahn documentary Secret Glory) in one of Rahn's favourite Sabarthès caves.


Author Jeanne D'Août with Richard Stanley (Otto Rahn documentary Secret Glory)
in one of Rahn's favourite Sabarthès caves.


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