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Искатели. Русский след чаши Грааля

Расследование исходит из предположения о том, что Отто Ран, найдя таки Грааль, решил не отдавать его нацистам. Не желая раскрывать тайну, он совершил самоубийство в горах Тироля...
Видео, 44 мин

Luciferian ϟϟ-man Otto Rahn

Background "Bearer Of 10,000 Eyes - Lord Of Ages" by Blood Axis.

Für immer (Otto Rahn)

Mago de Oz gaia lll Atlantia

Otto Rahn reincarnated in Russia?

Film about Yura Novoselov, the man who believes himself the reincarnation of Otto Rahn.

Dust Devil - The Final Cut, DVD (The Secret Glory included)

The Secret Glory film is inside
DISC THREE: The Secret Glory
 The third disc in this set contains The Secret Glory, which is Richard Stanley's 2001 documentary that details SS Officer Otto Rahn's bizarre quest to find the Holy Grail. With a ninety minute running time, this feature length documentary proves to be a fascinating look into a part of the Second World War that isn't really touched on much in the history books or the standard History Channel style documentaries. It begins with Stanley's narration explaining how Lucifer was cast out of Heaven, then the origins of the Holy Grail. We get some history of the artifact that explains its significance and from there we learn about how the Nazi's came to be interested in finding the grail, specifically how Otto Rahn obsessed over it.