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What is the government hiding?

Mr X

1. The New World Order

24 Jul 2011

(United States) The story of the New World Order can be traced to the end of World War II in the months before Germany fell. It was at this time that Hitler was informed of Project Wolfsschanze by General Hans Kammler and Lieutenant Colonel Otto Skorzeny of the Waffen-SS. The project named for Hitler’s mountain retreat had been kept a secret from Hitler because its purpose had been considered unthinkable by the Fuehrer. Project Wolfsschanze was a black budget style program to insure the survival of Third-Reich even if Germany were conquered.

Kammler and Skorzeny are reported to have presented to Hitler the end result of their project as an insurance policy of Aryan survival. In 1944, the duo met to discuss rerouting funds which Kammler controlled prior to his appointment in 1945 as the Fuehrer’s general plenipotentiary for jet aircraft. Beginning in 1939 an underground Antarctic naval and air base began construction under Hitler’s orders in Neuschwabenland. The base was kept secret as it never served a role in the war. In 1944, Kammler and Skorzeny created a secret society to populate the base at Neuschwabenland. Kammler transferred advance Nazi technology to Neuschwabenland via eight U-Boats as well as 200 young personnel hand selected by Dr. Josef Mengele at the Auschwitz concentration camp. The core team of young men and women where hand picked to form a shadow government for a Forth-Reich within the unique facility they would occupy in Neuschwabenland. The selection process which was primarily basic eugenics testing based on Nazi pseudo-science and also included psychological testing which included exposing the candidates to the horrors of the Holocaust. Any sign of a negative reaction to the work at Auschwitz disqualified the candidates. 80 men and 120 women were selected between the ages of 18 and 25, the successful candidates did not learn about their mission until arriving in Neuschwabenland. These 200 people were to be used as breeding stock for the new Germany. Shortly after 10000 soldiers, scientists, and skilled workers were shipped to Neuschwabenland. The last wave of immigration included 5000 German woman to serve a workers and breeders at the base. Long term relationships of a sexual nature and marriage was restricted to the original 200 candidates and their descendants, the remainder were encouraged to practice a type of free love as a method of creating a solid German population for the future of the Forth Reich. Two classes remain to this day at the base in Neuschwabenland. The ruling class descends from the first 200 candidates selected by Dr. Mengele at the behest of Kammler and Skorzeny.

Kammler and Skorzeny were successful in convincing Hitler to personally withdraw from Germany and establish a Forth-Reich in Neuschwabenland. Hitler learned that a doppelganger had been created of him. Hitler was shocked by the exactness at which a female actress had been converted into an almost exact look-a-like of Hitler. The replacement Hitler would soon retreat to the Führerbunker. The remainder of the Nazi leadership was not informed of the replacement only Eva Braun was informed and she stayed with the replacement Hitler to protect the Fuehrer’s escape. In 1944, Hitler escaped Germany aboard one of five highly advance aircraft which had been produced prior to the destruction of their manufacturing plant in an area which is today part of the Czech Republic. The circular wingless aircraft had the ability to take off vertically, travel at incredible speeds, and had unthinkable maneuvering capabilities. Had they been developed earlier it is likely that the airships could have changed the course of the war. Hitler traveled to Neuschwabenland with Kammler who would continue to oversee the operations of the Arctic base. Otto Skorzeny chose to remain behind and ran the now famous ODESSA network through Franco’s Spain.

On 26 April 1945, Hanna Reitsch, Field Marshall Robert Ritter von Greim, and Otto Skorzeny arrived at the Führerbunker in a Fieseler Fi 156 airplane. Without the knowledge of von Greim or Reitsch; Skorzeny informed the doppelganger that is was her duty to commit suicide. The doppelganger’s bodyguard where order by Skorzeny not to let her fall into enemy hands and to burn her body after death. On April 28th, the trio escaped the Führerbunker aboard an Arado Ar 96 which was dangerously overweight. Reitsch and von Greim were latter capture. Reitsch later worked secretly with United States Intelligence interests; while, von Greim committed suicide. Skorzeny surrendered to the allies on May 16th 1945 and then later escaped on July 27th 1948.

The doppelganger Hitler committed suicide as ordered on April 30th 1945. The body of the doppelganger was burned by her bodyguards and the remains were recovered by the Soviets. The Soviet Union did not allow a proper inspection of the bodies by either the United States or the United Kingdom. It was widely accept within the United States government that Hitler was dead.

The United States became aware of the Nazi’s Arctic base after the sinking of U-853 off Rhode Іslаnd, it one of the eight U-Boats assigned to Neuschwabenland. U-Boat patrols by the remaining seven boats were suspended. The U.S. Navy recovered information related to the Neuschwabenland base, information which was kept from the public. President Truman ordered the reformation of the Council of National Defense which remains a classified organization funded by the United States government to this day. As of 2011, it employed 10,000 compartmentalized individuals throughout the United States. The leadership of this organization is made up off approximately 100 people who have a full picture of the operations of a secret government within the United States. This inner group is known as the Council and the author of this Arcticle is a member of this group. Council of National Defense was greatly increased in size under Presidents Nixon and Ford. Shortly after taking office every newly elected President of the United States is informed of the Council unless they are an existing member. President Jimmy Carter is the only President not to have been informed of the Council of National Defense because background information and certain personally held beliefs by Carter such as an anti-Semitic worldview resulted in Carter being deemed a risk to National Security. The Council seeks in theory to ensure a stable two-party republic in the United States which effectively has resulted in one party rule of the primary resources of the government. In 1960, the Council directly interfered in the election of President John F. Kennedy because of information held by the organization on Richard Nixon. This information on Nixon was disproved by a member of the Council in 1962 and Nixon would later be elected to the Presidency in 1969.

After it formation in 1945, the Council of National Defense’s primary mission was compartmentalized to the eradication of existing threats to National Security including the Nazi base in Neuschwabenland. Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd was assigned the task of investigating the possibility of the existence of a Nazi submarine base in Antarctica. In 1946, a huge amphibious naval force was assembled by Byrd which included USS Mount Olympus and the aircraft carrier USS Philippine Sea, thirteen US Navy support ships, six helicopters, six flying boats, two seaplane tenders and fifteen other aircraft. The total number of personnel involved was over 4,000. Byrd fleet was confronted by an overwhelming show of Nazi air superiority. Over the course of weeks Byrd’s fleet was held back by advanced single wing jet aircraft and as well as disc shaped craft with an unknown source of power. The Nazi aircraft did not attack the United States fleet. Radio contact with Neuschwabenland was established and Byrd was ordered by the Council to meet with the base leadership in hopes of negotiating a peaceful settlement to the matter.

Byrd was shocked after arriving at the base by helicopter and being taken into an underground city. There he held personal meetings with Adolph Hitler and witnessed many of the advance weapons that had been developed by the Nazi’s including a nuclear tipped missile code named the V-6. One of these missiles was test fired during Byrd’s visit and the resulting explosion of its nuclear warhead was witnessed by thousand of American sailors and personal. The Council instructed Byrd to sign a truce with Hitler in an effort to protect the United States from nuclear attack.

2. A New Age in the United States

(July 25th 2011)

(United Kingdom) President Truman had made the most difficult decision of his Presidency when he authorized a secret truce with the Nazi government in Neuschwabenland. The decision would have been far more palatable were it not for the fact that he was now aware that Hitler had survived World War II and that the Nazi’s possessed technology that was apparently far in advance of the both the United States and the Soviet Union. Byrd reported that Neuschwabenland was far more than a simple military base. The Nazi base or homeland as they call it was self-sustaining and was primarily a manufacturing facility for advance Nazi aircraft. Truman believed that this one base posed a greater threat to our National Security than did the entire Soviet Union. The Council of National Defense was given a direct mandate from Truman to covertly develop methods which would result in the destruction of the base at Neuschwabenland.

On July 8th 1947, a miracle took place which would forever change the direction of the Council of National Defense and make it possible to in theory fulfill our mandate. The 509th Operations Group based at the Roswell Army Air Field (Walker Air Force Base) in New Mexico reported that they were in procession of a flying disc. Captain Claiborne Pell (U. S. Coast Guard) was dispatched to New Mexico to examine the captured aircraft. It had been reported to Pell that the captured disc was a piloted aircraft. The transmission also reported that one of the craft’s three member crew had survived. When Pell arrived at the Roswell Army Air Field, he reported that what had been recovered was not a Nazi aircraft but was a craft of an extraterrestrial nature.

Pell was one of the earliest members of the Council and was responsible for the recovery of intelligence material from U-853. Pell carried with him an undated Presidential order giving him authority over all U.S. Military operations. This was a standard document carried by all members of the Council at the time. Under Pell’s order the U.S. Army retracted it earlier statement concerning the recovery of a flying disc and reported that the debris was from a radar-tracking balloon.

Pell ordered that the craft be turned over to the custody of General Roger Ramey and it was transported to the Fort Worth Army Air Field (Carswell Air Force Base) in Texas. The surviving Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (Code named: EBE1) who Pell had named Skipper was securely transported by air to the Washington D.C. area. The bodies of the other two crew members were also respectful transported to the same facility as EBE1. The bodies were fully examined and the cause of death was found to be blunt force trauma which resulted during the crash of their aircraft. The bodies were preserved with the intension of repatriating them to their home world. Both EBE2 and EBE3 received a full military funeral with a twenty-one gun salute. EBE1 was present at interdenominational funeral conducted by three chaplains representing the Jewish, Protestant, and Roman Catholic faiths. EBE1 expressed his great pleasure at the event. He was quite overwhelmed and thankful. This event was the first time that all 100 members of the Council had the opportunity to see EBE1. The funeral service was held at the National Cathedral. Burial took place at Arlington Nation Cemetery in specially design burial chamber which included a freezing unit to preserve the bodies.

Following the service EBE1 traveled to the White House with Pell in a 1928 Cadillac 341A Town Sedan with its curtains pulled shut. EBE1 was presented to President Truman in an underground garage on the White House grounds. The garage had been cleared and a small area was partially furnished for the meeting. The meeting lasted for six hours. It included an informal dinner between EBE1 and Truman. EBE1, an Anthropologist by trade, was aware of current events and was rather in awe of Truman. Truman offered EBE1 the resources of the government to build a communication device so that he could send a distress signal. EBE1 who was not an engineer by trade also volunteered to assist in deciphering the technology of his craft in an effort to counter the danger posed by the Nazi presence in Neuschwabenland.

3.1. Claiborne Pell: Section One

(August 4th 2011)

(United States) The story of the late Claiborne Pell is that of a great man who served his nation and worked to change its history for the better. Were it not for his feats of heroism during the war, which before this account have never been publicly reported he would have likely never have come to the attention of those at the highest levels of our government expect as a potential donor.

During his teenage years Pell attended the St. George's School in Middletown, Rhode Islаnd. It was at this time that Pell developed a unique interest in the occult. Despite this fact, Pell also remained a devote Episcopalian. He took a particular interest in the legend of the Spear of Destiny and drew others into his belief system including a friend who was a member of Europe’s Princely class, whom I shall refer to as Mr. L. Pell and Mr. L began to correspond by mail, using false names, with well known occult figures. Pell wrote in his diary of these correspondences and of their content. He humorlessly noted that Aleister Crowley lacked any true knowledge of the Spear but that he was well skilled in the black arts. Pell considered him dangerous.

Another man who corresponded with Mr. L was Otto Rahn, Pell would latter befriend Rahn during his Princeton years. Rahn escaped from Nazi Germany in 1939. After traveling to Iceland where he lived for a period of time, he moved to New York where he was offered work by the United State’s government. Rahn was issued a new identity by the United States government and spent the majority of his life as a tenured member of the faculty of Princeton University. Rahn became acquainted with Pell after a dinner talk given by the former to the members of one of Princeton’s bicker clubs known as the Colonial Club. Rahn who had lectured on a topic of the Holy Grail, a popular subject at the time, was intrigued by Pell’s questions. It is possible that Pell manipulated himself into the good graces of Rahn as he had extensive knowledge of Rahn’s earlier correspondences with Mr. L.

During Pell’s Princeton years, the two men would form an occult study society called ORMUS. Pell’s relationship with Rahn was strictly of a platonic nature. Pell was aware that Rahn was practicing homosexual and did not object to his friend’s lifestyle which was highly discreet by today’s standards. The two men often smoked marijuana during the practice of ceremonial magic but Pell’s interests in the occult were primarily academic. This academic interest resulted in Pell writing several articles on the subject of the Spear of Longinus, some of these writing are today stored at the Princeton University Library.

In 1940, Pell graduated from university but stayed in contact with Rahn primarily by mail. Prior to Pearl Harbor, Pell enlisted in the United States Coast Guard and would not again see Rahn until near the completion of World War II. At the onset of war, Rahn was assigned to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) at training Area F in Bethesda, MD before moving on to a permanent assignment at 70 Grosvenor Street in London.

Rahn was assigned to a special project related to the study of the Nazi belief in the esoteric. Rahn worked closely with Ian Fleming, a Royal Naval Intelligence Officer, during the period that Rudolf Hess flew to the United Kingdom on the direct orders of Hitler. Rahn served as Fleming’s unofficial translator and assistant when Fleming was given access to Hess. Fleming did not meet with Hess until he had been placed under house arrest by the Allied forces.

Originally Hess traveled to Britain on behalf of Hitler. Hess attempted to appeal to Churchill’s distrust of the Soviet Union by proposing a shifting of alliances. Hess was flatly turned down. Hess proved to be an amicable prisoner and willingly collaborated during the course of the war.

Hess’ arrival in Britain was expected by British Intelligence, which had encouraged Hess’ journey. The original hope was that Hess would travel with a peace plan that Churchill would find to be acceptable.

To be continued…

Mr. X is the penname of a member of the Council of National Defense. All rights reserved by the author.

Very strange story. I don't

Very strange story. I don't believe.

I think that this story is

I think that this story is truth (most of the part 1), mixed with lie.

I meant I don't believe words

I meant I don't believe words concerning Otto Rahn. Really, to make one trust you should mix truth and lie