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Berlin NoirBerlin NoirNach Begriff suchen

The fiction book by Philip Kerr with Otto Rahn as character

Siehe auch: Philip Kerr

Black SunBlack SunNach Begriff suchen

Invisible or burnt out Sun (or old Sun), symbolizes an opposing force or pole, or the left side of the Universe (or our Galaxy), or the celestial homeland of the Hyperboreans and the invisible source of their energy. The central symbol of the Nazi ideology. The similar term is in alchemy teachings, Mayan mythology, Helena Blavatsky's Theosophy (Central Sun) etc.

Synonyme: Schwarze Sonne, Sol Niger, Soleil Noir, Черное Солнце

Blood LanceBlood LanceNach Begriff suchen

the book of Craig Smith with the Otto Rahn investigations in the plot

Siehe auch: Craig Smith

BoudetBoudetNach Begriff suchen

Henri Boudet (1837-1914), priest of the church of Rennes-les-Bains (1872-1914), the Rennes-le-Château neighbouring parish.

Siehe auch: Rescanières

BuchenwaldBuchenwaldNach Begriff suchen

Concentration Camp in which Otto Rahn served two months according to SS duty (end of 1938).

Siehe auch: Dachau

Synonyme: Бухенвальд