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Otto Rahn Biography

... Himmler and Abetz  1932 Rahn leads a Polaires expedition in Pyrenees  13.12.33 Rahn joins the German ... in the source of the traditional sentiment. RAHN AND POLAIRES  In March 1932 a controversy broke out in La Depeche, which ...

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Est-ce Une Nouvelle "Ruee Vers L'Or" (La Depeche, March 6, 1932)

... Pujol-Murat ) by the French secret society “The Polaires ” under the leadership of “a shadowy German individual named ... mistaken my name is Rahn not Rams.” (Document, Polaires, Pujol-Murat) ...

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Lachrymae, Chapter IV: The Final Chapter

... , a leading figure in a secret society known as the ' Polaires ', who drew their name from Stella Polaris or Arktos, true north ... Thule on the sweater knitted for him by his mother, the Polaires themselves seem to have been more closely affiliated to their British ...

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The wooden book of Montségur

... were the leaders of an enigmatic society, known as the Polaires , now most famous because of the group’s link with Otto Rahn, the ... Heinrich Himmler in his esoteric ambitions. The Polaires were a group of French esoteric seekers who shared a common interest ...

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Otto Rahn: author, poet, Grail seeker, SS officer

... published articles about the activities of a group of Polaires that were excavating in Montségur. Otto Rahn was mentioned – ... defence, saying that his visit had nothing to do with the Polaires, and Rahn himself subsequently wrote in that his stay in France was ...

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Raiders of the Lost Grail

... member of a quasi-Masonic secret society known as the Polaires , an esoteric circle whose members believed they were acting under ... whether or not Otto was formally initiated into the Polaires, who were actively conducting a series of ‘archeological’ digs on ...

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Interview with Jeanne D'Aout: New book with Otto is out

... Q: We know Otto had some connections with the Polaires society in France. Richard Stanley describes them as an 'esoteric ... give you a better understanding of their teachings, the Polaires and the Rosicrucian mystical teachings that Rahn studied with Gadal. ...

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