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The Holy Grail: Imagination and Belief

... and became a Muslim Sufi. One of Guenon's disciples, Julius Evola, undertook to create, or recreate, an anti-Christian e lite. ... (Articles, Cathars, Grail, Investigation, Julius Evola, Lucifer, Nacism, Parsival, Spear of Destiny, Templars, Wolfram ...

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Otto Rahn and the Quest for the Holy Grail

... mentioned in any of the still existing Cathar texts, while Julius Evola did not think much of the Cathar Grail thesis. Return to ... Heinrich Himmler, Howard Buechner, Iceland, Investigation, Julius Evola, Languedoc, Lombrives, Lucifer, Michelstadt, Montsalvache, ...

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Raiders of the Lost Grail

... Lange, Heinrich Himmler, Iceland, Investigation, Julius Evola, Karl Maria Wiligut, Karl Wolff, Languedoc, Lucifer, Maurice ...

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A review of Otto Rahn’s Lucifer’s Court by John J. Reilly

... by entering the mythical realm. Readers may be reminded of Julius Evola’s description in Revolt against the Modern World of the mutual ... Iceland, Indiana Jones, Investigation, John J. Reilly, Julius Evola, Karl Maria Wiligut, Lucifer, Nacism, Parsival, reincarnation, ...

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The wooden book of Montségur

... the same city (Naples) as Arturo Reghini, who worked with Julius Evola, later to be a confidant of Mussolini. Interestingly, Reghini was ... Esclarmonde, Grail, Heinrich Himmler, Investigation, Julius Evola, Montsegur, Nacism, Nigel Graddon, Philip Coppens, Polaires, ...

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