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Otto Rahn Biography

... lieutenant (Obersturmfuhrer)  end 1938 Rahn to Buchenwald for two months tour of duty  1939 Rahn invited Wiligut ... later. At the end of 1938 Rahn spent two months duty at Buchenwald. Otto Rahn and Karl Maria Wiligut- Weisthor ...

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White Lie by Jeanne D'Aout, scene with Otto

... a man out of me”, he said, so I took the journey to Buchenwald …” Otto started to tremble again. “Now I know it ... I had been told was a lie! I tried to get out of Buchenwald as quickly as possible, saying that I needed to work on the new ...

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Otto Rahn y la Búsqueda Nazi por el Secreto de los Cátaros

... enrolado dentro del agotador regimen de ejercicios en Buchenwald disenado para «endurecerlo» con el fin de actividades ... Albert von Haller, Antonio Gadal, Articles, Asta Bach, Buchenwald, Cathars, Christian Bernadac, Couquet, Cybele, Dachau, Deodat Roche, ...

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