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Otto Rahn's Crusade Against the Grail

... He features as a character in the 2008 novel The Judas Apocalypse by Dan McNe il. In the novel, Rahn helps a fellow ... Smith, Daniel McNeil, Grail, Indiana Jones, Investigation, Judas Apocalypse, Michelstadt, Montsegur, Parsival, Philip Kerr, Richard ...

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Dan McNeil: The Judas Apocalypse, and Interview with the author

... received rave reviews about your debut novel, ‘The Judas Apocalypse’, even being compared to international bestselling author ... in store for the reader when they crack open ‘The Judas Apocalypse’? DM: At its heart, it’s a good old-fashioned treasure ...

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Otto Rahn Memorial Website interview with Jeanne D'Août, the Author of White Lie

... many books of recent times (The Sixth Key, T he Judas Apocalypse... ). What do you think, what is the reason of such ... Buechner, Indiana Jones, Investigation, Jeanne D'Août, Judas Apocalypse, Languedoc, Lucifer, Montsegur, Nacism, Nigel Graddon, ...

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