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Dedicated to Otto Rahn

Otto Rahn

This site is dedicated to the memory of Otto Wilhelm Rahn - a historian, archeologist, writer, an SS officer of the mystical Ahnenerbe unit, a seeker of truth and the Holy Grail.

The story of his life is full of mystifications and speculations. In particular, many claim that he finally found the Grail ...

He has written two books, "The Crusade against the Grail" and "Court of Lucifer", became the prototype of the famous contemporary character Indiana Jones, his research formed the basis of which became best-selling book "The Da Vinci Code." Mentioned in many historical and art books. Served in the SS. Died under mysterious circumstances.

This site will attempt to collect everything related to his life and studies and translate them in several languages.

It is on-line Museum and Memorial of Otto

Why Otto Rahn? Because HE HAD A DREAM.