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SS-mann Otto Rahn

 Per Aspera Ad Astra

 The Racist Left: Biological racism should be the most important part of any theory of identity. Races create cultures and traditions. Without race-specific world views there would be no tradition. Every tradition corresponds to the drive of a race soul to express and glorify itself. The foremost philosopher of National Socialism, Alfred Rosenberg (not a Jew!), realized this very well when he argued that "the character of today's world revolution lies in the awakening of the racial types." Racial war is an integral part of the natural process of selection and evolution. That some races are worth more than others is therefore obvious. Not too much value should be placed on the idea of a so-called "spiritual" race as an undiluted materialist outlook is the only outlook that accepts the reality of the present, the past and the future. A rock from Mars is worth more than a hundred books on transcending the differences in archetypes. This is not only true because there is not one ancient archetype at the root of the archetypes known today. The archetypes were always many, but only one archetype is worthy of worship.

 Islam is clearly an enemy of European civilization because it cannot accept that the Enlightenment was a universal revolution that is also applicable to itself. This is why the Muslims cry because of some harmless cartoons. Muslims are simply ridiculous. Islam should be suppressed. One should have absolutely no respect for "Islamic republics" as they are a reflection of a stupid and barbaric world view. Better into a bordello than into a mosque! The Muslims want to conquer and crush what does not fit their narrow outlook on the world. As an expression of a people's collective psyche, Islam is the exact opposite of the European Enlightenment. Muslims live in the sand and in the past and will never be able to build a space shuttle and colonize space. Halal heartlessness: Muslims torture animals in the name of religious cleanliness. They let the animals slowly bleed to death so that they can feel rinsed and pure. A people's level of civilization can be ascertained by the way it treats its animals.

 Only the ideas of the (imaginarily) Eurocentric French Revolution can give salvation to the Aryan race. Cheers to the Jacobins, the prophets of the pan-European mass idea! French revolutionary Louis Antoine de Saint-Just and German revolutionary Heinrich Himmler were both avatars of the same god of vengeance. While the former implemented measures to do away with the "noble" beasts of sloth, the latter organized a smooth-running camp system to concentrate (and thereby keep away from the healthy host nations) the hook-nosed parasites. Concerning the French King, Saint-Just argued that it was not possible to rule innocently. Concerning the hook-nosed parasites, Himmler argued that not being ruled at all was better than being ruled by them. Both Saint-Just and Himmler were cruel and swift in their methods, both signs that time could not be wasted and methods not restrained in their respective centuries, just as time is precious and radical methods wanted in our century. Unfortunately, time travel is not possible yet.

 Dr. Josef Mengele, working at Auschwitz, trying to make gold out of excrement (brown to blue, black to blond), was called the "Angel of Death." Saint-Just, working in Paris, helping in letting sublime terror reign to establish order, was called the "Angel of Death." Both Mengele and Saint-Just were human beings of a higher type. They were overmen in a world of filth! Mengele, with his praiseworthy desire to create biological nobility where nature had failed, was (and still is) beyond the reach of moralizing jabberwocky-utterers. Saint-Just, his youthful beauty consumed with lust and anger, has been, is and will be admired as one of the men of action (never to shy away from sacrifice, blood and sadistic deeds) that the West once needed to give itself an enema. An enema is needed now but hardly any men of Saint-Just's caliber are here, ready and willing to administer it. A healthy dose of spite, rage and disgust must be fomented within the hearts of all pitch-black-clad men of honor. The goal is to reach again the heights of pleasure gained from giving enough pain, horror and remorse.

 The idolized (after the fact of historical presence in the past) Red Army was the army of liberation from the yoke of superstition in the guise of religiosity. It was not the goateed devil that persecuted the followers of Christ, but Loki that led the people back into Odin's bosom through implementing measures necessary for a people used to sheepish ways. "Gulag! Gulag! Gulag!" This mantra should remind all good-natured fellows of the agenda that saved the East.

 Did SS-Mann Otto Rahn find the Holy Grail? The Holy Grail is the essence of the four corners of the Abraxi's world. We venerate the Abraxi because their world is a reflection of our deep longing and desire to become one with the creator gods (multiple, wise, adamant-willed and attributed with attached arms of radioactive rays - the armor cold and dripping acid). The intricacies of the new inquisition reveal the desperate dark doctors that performed hideous cruel experiments on the filthy rabid dogs that howled at the wrong time and in the wrong place. The new inquisition puts the doctors to the test. If they sink, they will die. If they float, they will die. If they think, they will die. If they gloat, they will die.

 From Colonel Kurtz' letter to the National Anarchist German Non-Workers' Party: "If I slash a cow, can I call it beef? Belly? I don't have a belly. I have a box where my intestines are put to rest."

 And here they plucked it.

 by Constantin von Hoffmeister<