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Otto Rahn: author, poet, Grail seeker, SS officer

... with Bruno Beger, Schäfer went on an expedition to Tibet in 1938-1939; other expedi tions included Heinrich Harrer’s trip, immortalised as “Seven Years in Tibet”. Harrer’s expedition, nevertheless, did not have the official stamp ...

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Otto Rahn Biography

...  Alongside the state religion of Lamaism was Tibet's aboriginal religion of Bon. The Bon-pas followed a primitive, ... archives. The Nazis began to organise expeditions to Tibet when sufficient funds built up and these succeeded without interruption ... Lake Baikal in Siberia, of the Mongolian Buriat race. In Tibet he was known as Comang Lobzang, later called Khende-chega and later still ...

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The wooden book of Montségur

... of Mankind from their secret monastery “somewhere” in Tibet. Historical records indicate that it was the wooden book that ... knowing what we know about Himmler’s interest in Tibet and the occult, we can only divine what he had in mind for Nazi ... once in the Polar regions, but then apparently moved to Tibet, the residence of The Nine, Agartha. It seems that the Polaires saw the ...

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Otto Rahn – Otto Skorzeny Raiders of the Found Ark?

... territories which the Nazi forces had overrun, and one to Tibet to searc h for the origins of the Aryan race. Himmler ... Parsival, Rennes-le-Château, Spear of Destiny, Thule, Tibet, Wewelsburg, Wolfram von Eschenbach) ...

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Raiders of the Lost Grail

... of Ernst Schafer’s SS-produced documentary Geheimnis Tibet as proof of his abilities to duplicate the powers of the lamas. Unfortunately for Gabrielle’s claims, Geheimnis Tibet only premiered in 1942, some three years after Otto’s disappearance and ...

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Holy Grail

... Salzburg, Austria, bound for the East, possibly Nepal or Tibet, with a plane load of cargo believed to include the ancient Cathar ... Nacism, Otto Skorzeny, Parsival, The Da Vinci Code, Tibet, Wewelsburg, Wolfram von Eschenbach) ...

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English translator's foreword to Crusade Against the Grail

... led a famous German-Himalayan expedition to prove that Tibet was the cradl e of the Arya, and to investigate the legend of the ... Michelstadt, Montsegur, Nacism, Parsival, Paul Ladame, Tibet, Wolfram von Eschenbach) ...

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