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The Eye of Ra: new book with Otto Rahn as a character

It all starts with a ring, inlaid with a seemingly insignificant black stone. Discovered on its own by the famous archaeologist Flinders Petrie, the stone had not been recognised for what it was, for up until the fall of Jerusalem in the 6th century BCE it had always been one of a pair. As a pair, these stones had been used for divination in Biblical times. Together they are known as the Urim and Thummim. Determined to find the highly valued, lost stone and bring the separated pair together once again, a powerful secret order sends a team of intrepid researchers back in time to the era of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten, only to discover a much greater enigma.

* * *
"The Eye of Ra is a brilliant new esoteric thriller that captivates the reader from the start. Intelligent, well-informed and absorbing, it propels you on a dangerous quest to Akhenaten's Egypt. If you are a fan of Dan Brown or Umberto Eco, then strap yourself in for a wild ride through ancient lands, intrigue and Egyptian magic. I highly recommend it."
Andrew Gough, presenter of historical documentaries and Editor-in-Chief of the Heretic Magazine

White Lie by Jeanne D'Aout, scene with Otto

“The nightmare was complete when I couldn’t even prove I was a pure blood Aryan, because when I researched my genealogy, I realised my mother and maternal grandfather were Jewish. And I must admit, I was a trouble-maker, I got into fights a lot when I saw SS soldiers misbehave and I wanted to make a career, to move further up the ladder. I was attracted by the power of my superiors, like many others, and in this process I gained a few political enemies. This is how my reputation attracted Hitler’s attention. He demanded my presence at the Berghof, Hitler’s base near Bergtesgaden on the German-Austrian border. I can still remember him, sitting behind his desk, wearing his reading glasses while reading my file. I had never seen him with reading glasses before. While Hitler was reading my file I waited for his reaction. My legs nearly gave way. Then he gave me my new orders, which said that I was drafted to be trained as a soldier, “to make a man out of me”, he said, so I took the journey to Buchenwald…”

Otto started to tremble again.

White Lie by Jeanne D'Aout

The Secret of Otto Rahn - Relic Hunter

The nineteen thirties, Nazi Germany. Organisations like the Nordische Gesellschaft and the Thule Gesellschaft were researching the origin of the Germanic people, the Arian race. Obsessed with the ancient cultures which connected their ancestors, they searched all corners of the earth trying to find relics and remains of these old civilizations. Relic hunter Otto Rahn seached for the Grail treasure. Here, in Occitania.

Rahn visited Occitania many times and stayed for months at the time during 1929 - 1932. In '32 he leased a hotel called 'Les Maronniers' in Ussat-les-Bains. On the photo we see him entertaining his mother in the garden of the hotel. He is wearing a sweater which his mum nitted for him, showing the symbol of the Thule Gesell-schaft of which he was a member. When the hotel went bankrupt, he had to leave France.

Посмотри в глаза чудовищ

«Посмотри́ в глаза́ чудо́вищ» (1997) — фантастический роман А. Г. Лазарчука и М. Г. Успенского в жанре криптоистории. Первая часть трилогии «Гиперборейская чума» (следующие книги — «Гиперборейская чума», «Марш экклезиастов»).

Главный герой романа — русский поэт Николай Гумилёв, якобы не расстрелянный органами ЧК в 1921 году, а на самом деле выкупленный тайным орденом «Пятый Рим». Название романа — цитата из стихотворения Гумилёва «Волшебная скрипка», которым открывается каждое издание книги.

Спасти унтершарфюрера Рана

- Вас не удивляет тот факт, мистер Джонс, что ковчег, созданный во времена оные, способен генерировать поле с напряжением до шестисот вольт, - Отто подбросил в костер сухую кедровую ветку, которая, вспыхнув неопалимой купиной, высветила на мгновение лиловую глубину эфиопской ночи и две мужские фигуры.
 - Мистер Джонс…Отто, ты дождешься, что я тебя буду называть «Herr Rahn», - Индиана повел носом, не без удовольствия втягивая смолистый дым, - а что должно удивлять? Ящик из белой акации, обитый листами золота? Или зверюга по имени Вольт? Где, кстати, эта тварь бродит? – Индиана нарочито испугано покрутил головой в поисках горящих в ночи яростных глаз Вольта.

Philip Kerr: Berlin Noir

The book Berlin Noir by Philip Kerr consists of three novels with Nazi Germany in background - richer and more readable than most histories of the period. We first meet ex-policeman Bernie Gunther in 1936, in March Violets (a term of derision which original Nazis used to describe late converts.) The Olympic Games are about to start; some of Bernie's Jewish friends are beginning to realize that they should have left while they could; and Gunther himself has been hired to look into two murders that reach high into the Nazi Party. In The Pale Criminal, it's 1938, and Gunther has been blackmailed into rejoining the police by Heydrich himself.

Dan McNeil: The Judas Apocalypse, and Interview with the author

On the eve of the Second World war, Dr. Gerhard Denninger, a German archeologist is approached by infamous Grail seeker Otto Rahn who tells him a fantastic story of Templars, Church scandal, a long-buried manuscript, and the key to finding the famous lost treasure of the Cathars. In 1944, with the help of a group of American soldiers, Denninger continues his quest for the secret of the Cathar treasure. With dangers dogging them at every step, will they find what they’re seeking? And will they be prepared for the shocking discovery that awaits them?

Tom Crow Book 29 The Secret of the Templars Chapter 4 – Blood on the Clyde

pulp adventure based on the supposed local exploartions of Nazi archaeologist Otto Rahn

Tom travelled up from Hull, the nightmarish howling of those mysterious black dogs still echoing around his mind. What was Eros playing at this time? What had been the meaning of that bloody sigil scrawled onto the turret wall? Tom’s mind raced and clattered almost as if in time with the train. By the time the carriages pulled into Greenock he was no nearer the truth.
Tom was met on the platform by one of the agencies local operatives, Marianne, a member of the Free French. She in turn had directed him to the parish priest in Saint John’s Port Glasgow. After a friendly dram, the priest told him where to meet his next contact, the Bogle Stone; a huge rock perched at the top of the town, believed by locals to be haunted by an evil spirit.
The rain lashed down on Port Glasgow, as Tom approached the stone. A shadow moved from behind the rock.
Tom Crow?” asked the shadow.

The Sixth Key by Adriana Koulias - one more book with Otto as the main character

'By the Power of these Keys, the Head of the Church will be made the Lord of Hell' It is 2012 and a cryptic invitation leads a crime novelist to Venice's Island of the Dead. Once there he is captivated by his host's tale, which spans the centuries, but seemingly begins and ends in the dark days of the 1930's. In 1936, a similarly cryptic invitation brings Grail historian Otto Rahn to an apartment in Berlin. Waiting for him inside is Hitler's right-hand man, Heinrich Himmler, and Rahn's life is turned upside down. For Himmler wants Rahn to locate Les Serpent Rouge, a notorious book of black magic written by Pope Honorius in the 14th century. Following a trail from Paris down to Carcassonne in the South of France, Rahn discovers a web of deceit and murder.

Luciferian ϟϟ-man Otto Rahn

Background "Bearer Of 10,000 Eyes - Lord Of Ages" by Blood Axis.